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We are not just a CDN and Livestream provider_

We elevate your media pipeline to maximum performance and
minimize your cost with our end-to-end smart media solutions

Simplify your media development and maintenance

With our all-in-one solutions, valuable time and resources will be saved while smooth and efficient media operations are ensured. The complexities are on us, as it is our mission to deliver the exceptional websites and apps that your end-user demand.

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Save total cost in half

Experience cost-effective solutions with transparent pricing and absolutely no hidden costs. Our services empower businesses to effortlessly manage their cloud expenses, optimize spending, and achieve to a remarkable 50% reduction in costs.

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Take care all of your media problems with ease

Unlock global scalability, enhance website and mobile traffic speed, and optimize storage efficiency. Our services are designed to streamline every aspect of media management. Trust our expertise to handle everything, from performance improvement to cost savings, so you can focus on growth and success.


Deliver your content globally to end-users and ensure fast delivery on any device, no matter where they are in the world.

Process and Optimize

Maximize your end-user experience by efficiently compressing and optimizing your media for top performance.


Enables your flexibility to add scalable storage on demand, on top-tier infrastructure.

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Advanced technology for image and video optimization and compression

All about efficiency. This advanced technology enhances the speed of your websites and applications on a global scale without compromising media quality, enabling an exceptional online experience for end-users.

Partners with top global CDN and storage providers

Established partnerships with leading global CDN and storage providers allow us to leverage our solutions from seamless integration to reliable and high-performance delivery.

Masters of our domain

With over 16 years of developing storage, network, security systems and handling mission-critical systems to serve millions of users, we proudly proclaim ourselves as masters. In most cases, we already know any issues your team may encounter during execution.

Intelligent Routing and Innovative Architecture

Intelligently route resource requests and allocate them to the most suitable cloud provider, then bring them together in an innovative, efficient, and stable architecture.

The best elements from top global cloud providers

We bring together top-notch elements from leading cloud providers and seamlessly integrate them with our innovative architecture. By implementing multi-tier caching, we reduce data transfer and ensure that content is served to end-users from the closest possible location. This caching layer also acts as a protective shield, enhancing the high availability of the entire system. Even in the event of disruptions with the S3 provider, our cache tiers can serve your latest content without any interruptions.

Global network of PoPs that spans 6 continents

With over 100 PoPs, our network expanded to 6 continents to deliver your content to your users at the highest possible speeds, no matter where they are across the globe.

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